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Dublin Diary (Seattle Edition) – What is home, anyway?

We arrived back in Dublin more than four weeks ago.  I still don’t feel quite settled.  Since December 12th, I have slept in 8 different beds.  Constantly moving like that is surprisingly stressful, and mentally tiring.  And it has robbed me of the “coming home” sense that I felt entitled to after nearly three years away. […]

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I’m Hatin’ It

It’s the first time I’ve ever lost a job. And it’s all because of them. It was a Thursday afternoon when they came in, and things started to go down hill. They came up to my till and just stood silently, staring up at the menu, their dumb faces showing blank expressions. I greeted them […]

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Constant Craving

I have a hankering for some kit. I’ve wanted a home recording set up for a long time.  Not anything particularly fancy – the modern equivalent of an 8-track, maybe with a bell or two, and a functional, if mainly decorative whistle.  On top of that, a mic for recording acoustic instruments and vocals, and […]

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