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Dublin Diary – Breakfast

This is the second post that I’ve written, and a pattern is starting to emerge; see if you can spot it. This morning, we woke up at 03.30, and when 06.15 rolled around, we decided that there was not point in trying to go back to sleep, so we should instead, get up and go […]

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Come Back To Eircom

Dear Mr Kieran, I recently received a letter signed by you inviting me to “Come back to Eircom”. I am writing to you to tell you why I am not coming back to Eircom, and why I am not going to come back to Eircom in the near future. It is not the fact that […]

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May Contain Awesome

My younger brother texted me the other day.  This isn’t exactly strange, but we don’t talk as much as we used to do when we lived in the same house.  He took up playing the guitar a while ago, and even when he fractured his wrist, he was still practising away like a mad thing.  […]

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