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Gig in Fibber’s

Theories Divide play our first gig of the year inFibbers this Saturday. If you like fist-pumping, head-banding, mosh-pitting, hardcore heavy metal, come along! For a sample of what you might see…

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Do not play a gig in a nightclub

If you are playing in a nightclub, you are going to have a shitty gig. Generally, a gig in a nightclub is early or mid-week.  The management has figured that they’re not making much money on these nights and decide to try and get a different crowd in to grab some more cash, counting on […]

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Shit Venues (to play).

There are a many reasons a gig you’ve played can be shitty:  your band is under-rehearsed; the lead guitar player is drunk; someone gets stage-fright.  There could be issues external to the band: the venue is empty; there’s a heckler in the audience; or you’re put off-stage early because the promoter is trying to fit […]

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