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Dublin Diary (Seattle Edition) – What is home, anyway?

We arrived back in Dublin more than four weeks ago.  I still don’t feel quite settled.  Since December 12th, I have slept in 8 different beds.  Constantly moving like that is surprisingly stressful, and mentally tiring.  And it has robbed me of the “coming home” sense that I felt entitled to after nearly three years away. […]

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Dublin Diary – Breakfast

This is the second post that I’ve written, and a pattern is starting to emerge; see if you can spot it. This morning, we woke up at 03.30, and when 06.15 rolled around, we decided that there was not point in trying to go back to sleep, so we should instead, get up and go […]

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Leap Card: First Impressions

The Leap Card is Transport for Ireland‘s integrated public transport card for Dublin. It allows you to use Dublin Bus, the Luas and the Dart without having to fish in your pocket for change.  It’s Dublin’s answer to the Oyster card. I love the Oyster card. It’s ones of the things that excites me about […]

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Gig in Fibber’s

Theories Divide play our first gig of the year inFibbers this Saturday. If you like fist-pumping, head-banding, mosh-pitting, hardcore heavy metal, come along! For a sample of what you might see…

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Dear Ireland

It’s not like you’ve not seen it before. It’s been this way for hundreds, even thousands of years. The sky is not falling. It is rain.  There is no cause for alarm.  There is no cause for ludicrous acts of idiocy. I am consitently confounded by the response of this nation to rain.  It is […]

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I hate Dublin traffic.

Since I’ve come back from my holidays, it has been taking me an extra 20 minutes each day to get to work. I don’t mean that this is 20 minutes on top of my standard journey time, I mean 20 additional minutes each day. On Monday, it took me ~40 minutes. On Tuesday, it took […]

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Shit Venues (to play).

There are a many reasons a gig you’ve played can be shitty:  your band is under-rehearsed; the lead guitar player is drunk; someone gets stage-fright.  There could be issues external to the band: the venue is empty; there’s a heckler in the audience; or you’re put off-stage early because the promoter is trying to fit […]

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