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Mirrored Illusions

So if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that I’m playing in a band, and that the stuff we play is not quite the same as most of the stuff that I’m doing at the minute. I love the metal, and I love what I’m doing here. Ultimately the goal working on my own is to work on heavier stuff, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like what I’m doing on the softer side of things.

The song that’s posted above was recorded in the Rehearsal Room by pointing a pair of cheapish vocal mics at the two guitar amps from the far end of the room. This arrangement picked everything else up ambiently, and we went back and did the vocals separately. I’m quite pleased with the few touches I’ve put on this. There wasn’t a lot that could be done in terms of layering stuff, and tinkering with it as we’re stuck with the performances that are on tape, but the end product isn’t bad. It is heavy as fuck, though.

So I’m in Seattle for another week. I have survived a brush with Di and Rea, and I have not yet had a proper night’s sleep, but herself is arriving tomorrow, so things are looking up. Also, I bought a new microphone. Expect the first new track when I get home to include lots of vocals. Oh yes. 😀

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