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Coming Soon. Or Not.

So I’m away with work for the next two weeks, and even if I wasn’t, I hurt my arm falling off my bike. This means that I won’t be able to make any music between now and March. BUT HAVE NO FEAR! I have a bunch of songs that I recorded in the rehearsal studio, live with the band, and I’ll be putting these up over the next couple of weeks. They are heavy, they are raw, and they are messy. But they are pretty cool.

I got a new wah-pedal. This makes me happy.

The Away that I’m going to be is in Seattle. Seattle is known for a number of things: coffee, Microsoft and music. I will soak up all of these things, except, probably, the Microsoft thing. And I hear that there are many beers to be drunk in Seattle. So I will do these things, and hopefully come back refreshed and full of inspiration and musical ideas and stuff like that, ready to make more music.

In the mean-time, I will update while I’m away. I’ll be bored, until the Melon arrives.

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