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I hate Dublin traffic.

Since I’ve come back from my holidays, it has been taking me an extra 20 minutes each day to get to work. I don’t mean that this is 20 minutes on top of my standard journey time, I mean 20 additional minutes each day. On Monday, it took me ~40 minutes. On Tuesday, it took an hour.  On Wednesday, determined to miss the traffic, I left the apartment a full hour earlier than I’d left on Monday and Tuesday. It took me 80 minutes to get to work on Wednesday.
I travel a distance of around 8 miles to work each day.  On Wednesday , I traveled at an average speed of 6 MPH. Much of this time was spent sitting still in traffic for minutes at a time, playing Solitaire on my iPod. For some reason, the stretch of the N81 between Templeogue and the M50 roundabout does not move. A slow mosey would be enough to beat a car up this short stretch of road.

One of the guys at work has shown me a convoluted route that will assuredly get me to work in 30 minutes, but will actually make my route longer by about 2 miles. This is well and good, but it should not be necessary. I am not an expert at traffic modeling, but I can’t imagine a worse model for traffic in this area.  The Spawell Roundabout seems to be the major hold-up here. People come to the roundabout, and they can’t get on or get through because they are timid, or nervous, or because some cunt who doesn’t know the rules of the road, or doesn’t care is sitting in the yellow box, blocking traffic to two exits from the roundabout.  These last ones are the people who make me pray for spontanrous rains of gigantic, flaming hail.

There are two other major hold ups on the route home in the opposite direction. The first is the Bus Only traffic light on the Terenure Road.  This is a ridiculous concession that inconveniences a huge number of cars, and has on more than one occasion added an extra 10 mintues to my journey home.  In those 10 minutes, the only vehicles I saw make use of the bus lane were taxis and bikes.  In the middle of rush hour, this light is indispensable, I would imagine – merging a bus into a solid line of traffic would be impossible without it.  But at 18:30 when I’m tried and I’ve already spent a significant proportion of my day sitting in traffic, it’s stupid.  I have more than a sneaking suspicion that the timing on this set of lights has not been changed since the number of buses has been dropped.  You will even find a line of cars sitting waiting for this light to change after 19:00 when the bus lane is open to all traffic.  These people need to take the plastic bags off their heads, and start breathing air again before they suffocate.

The other major hold up on the way home are the traffic lights at Terenure, coming down the side of the car dealership.  The ones that are on a period almost exactly half that of the ones less than 20 metres away at Terenure cross.  The ones where you can routinely sit through an entire turn of the lights and get nowhere.  With idiots sititng behind you blowing their horn when you don’t shoe-horn yourself into the yellow box.  These idiots need to be garotted with a rusty wire.  This junction is the epitome of poor traffic management, and it causes no end of consternation and hassle.  And the idiots that are responsible for it are the ones who make me glad that schadenfreude isn’t a crime.

I enjoy driving.  I hate commuting.  I think I’m going to buy a bike.

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  1. Alessandra | 2015-09-08 at 14:01 | Permalink

    Thanks for reading We were naerly involved in a prang today as some idiot shot across 2 lanes on a roundabout, not to mention the guy who reversed 5 car lengths at a set of traffic lights to change lanes :/ scary at the best of times let alone when you have a little one in the back

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